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In conventional measurement with yardsticks or handheld laser measuring devices, deviations of centimeters or even over a square meter of floor area per room can frequently occur. The deviations can be even greater with sloped roofs, dormers, and circularly shaped rooms. 

With our innovative 3D measuring system, we not only ensure precise measurements with millimeter accuracy, but also gives purchasers, sellers, and landlords the added security of knowing that the floor areas specified in reports are indeed correct. Even if the floor plan is unavailable or if modifications have been made to plans due to reconstructions or expansions, we will measure your property quickly and precisely. 

Our specially trained service technicians are available throughout Germany for on-site visits and can execute measurements professionally, swiftly, and without long transit and waiting times. ​​​​​​

What we measure for you:

And this for:

Even for major real estate projects, we are the right contact for you. With a permanent staff of over 150 service technicians for measurement services, we can also completely measure large properties in very little time. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need us!

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