POS wood repair will give you years of enjoyment of your favorite furniture

Beautiful furniture made of the natural material wood is part of our life and is often a long-time companion. But despite all the care taken, a move, a party or pets may cause scratches, stains or burn holes on the surface or parts to chip or break off. The good news: Wood can be very easily mended and is excellently suited to on-site repair. This also applies to handles, rails, and locks. Our professional repair service has wooden spatulas, wood cement, sandpaper, paint, and much more on hand to repair wood damage.

Our service range includes:
  • Repairing surface damage
  • Broken & compressed edges
  • Fastening/replacing drawer running rails
  • Mending holes

Smart repair

  • Removing surface damage (e.g. scratches, holes, dents, broken-off pieces)
  • Replacing or drilling in handles
  • Mounting clothes rails
  • Making drawer running rails run smoothly or replacing them
  • Straightening or replacing locks and strike plates
  • Straightening, fastening or replacing concealed hinges
  • Adjustment and assembly of case furniture
  • Correction of assembly errors

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+++ Corona status info +++
08.05.2020, 14:00: Now we can inform you that we can work in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg again in full. For France we will be relaunching our service by next week.Belgium:24.04.2020, 14:00:  From April 27, 2020 we plan to resume our upholstery service in Belgium.Austria:15.04.2020, 14:00: Due to the loosening by the legislator in Austria, we plan to resume our upholstery service in Austria from April 16, 2020.As of 19.03.2020 – Following a current status overviewGermany:The provision of services and manual labour remains permitted. As per usual, we process customer orders in upholstery sector and provide our 3D measurement services. Netherlands:There are currently no restrictions on our business activities in the Netherlands.Austria:Currently we do not carry out any furniture repairs. 3D measurements are being processed. Switzerland:We are still allowed to continue providing our services in the upholstery sector. France, Belgium, Tyrol and South Tyrol:In these regions, we are already no longer carrying out any orders. In General:We strictly follow hygiene standards. Our employees are well instructed, in order to minimize the risk of infection. Therefore, since yesterday our technicians are allowed to waive a customer signature.Sincerely yours,Your POS-Team