Repair your windows, don't replace them!

Especially with windows, consumers are often entirely unaware that many repairs can be made quickly and smoothly with at no great expense instead of spending a lot of money to replace the entire window.

A repair is basically possible in 70% of all cases. And that regardless of whether the window to be repaired is a wooden window, plastic window or aluminum window and regardless of the window type, e.g. skylight, apartment window or basement window. In many cases, we carry out the repair directly and conveniently on your premises using recognized repair methods and techniques.

Typical damages have nothing to do with the window type and originate from scratches and damage to the window frame or by wearing of the closing mechanism on the handles and seals. Affected damaged elements are thermoplastically restored in shape, partially finished, filled with special tools, ground, painted, and cleaned, to name a few procedures. Fittings are repaired and replaced as needed – even during the first visit – and can also be equipped to satisfy additional security requirements if needed or wanted.

POS ensures a clear view for maintenance work on your windows! With fast, straightforward service. Feel free to contact us.

Our service range includes:
  • Burglary protection
  • Repair 
  • Free security check
  • Plastic, aluminum, and wooden windows
  • Additional safeguards
  • Cooperation with many German insurance companies
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We repair almost all window types and materials!

window repairPlastic elements are being used increasingly for window installations nowadays. In addition to a modern look, plastic also offers the major advantage that it affords a complete repair. The plastic can be returned to its original shape with heat treatment procedures, thereby correcting scratches and damages. Our specialists fill plastic holes and grind and polish your window frames to achieve an ideal result.

Especially with the natural material wood, repair possibilities have proven highly successful. A complete replacement, which can often cost time, nerves, and a lot of money, can be avoided through a skilled, professional repair. During a repair, we remove dents and chips by grinding the fracture and filling it with a high-quality industrial plastic. Repairs with real wood pieces are also possible. We apply special surface finishing techniques to completely correct color differences that are especially typical effects of the weather and long-term use in order to achieve an ideal result.

Aluminum is a relatively soft, but resilient material. Thanks to these properties, our experts can usually repair defects on aluminum window and door elements without difficulty by simply correcting deformations by applying certain "cold straightening" processes. Afterwards, we grind and paint the defect. Similar to plastic and wooden elements, multiple work steps are required to achieve the desired result. 

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