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Car seats are exposed to high stresses – and that day after day. 

Getting in and out, sitting for hours, and friction eventually leave their marks: Even after a few months, one of the most frequent reason for car seat repair makes itself known: 

The seat edges wear down and exhibit rapid signs of damage. This also applies to dirt and spots on the seat and back upholstery. With time, seams tear or chafe marks and color abrasion appear on the cover. Among smokers, an additional reason for damaged interior fittings comes into play: burn holes.

Our solution: We repair car seats and damaged interior fittings

Our experts are not only employed once the car is to be sold, but rather on a regular basis in order to maintain the high quality of the interior fittings and the seating comfort.

Our service range includes:
  • Color abrasion on the driver's and passenger seats
  • Scratches on the dashboard
  • Damage to the roof liner and the side panel
  • Burn holes
  • Scars, cuts, and tears in the seat cover
  • Sings of wear and damage of all kinds

And of course we also take care of the cleaning of the car seats. 

Car seat covers are usually made of abrasion-resistant, sturdy fabric or leather. We have the right solution for every material. Whether for correcting damages or mending open seams. Redyeing and repairing burn holes are not a problem, either. And a repair is always more affordable, effective, and fast than replacing the entire seat. You can find care products and cleaning agents for car seats in our Online Shop.

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POS edge protection for leather car seats

edge protection for leather car seatsPOS edge protection protects high-quality leather car seats against color abrasion. With our edge protection, which seals the surfaces after finishing or redyeing, we can guarantee increased protection against abrasion. Extensive tests have shown that our edge protection even offers greater protection than the original covers from the manufacturer.

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