Committed to help

As a medium-sized company, POS Service Group is committed to supporting the needy and takes responsibility for those who require social engagement and aid.

In addition to a large number of activities for persons, associations, and institutions in our home region and those of our subsidiaries, we have given our firm support for years to:


Bundesverband Neurofibromatose e.V. was founded in 1987 and is a non-profit association committed to the improvement of medical and psychosocial care for those suffering from neurofibromatosis. An important building block for this purpose is support for science and research. The association currently has 1,700 members and is organized throughout Germany into over 20 regional groups and a Germany-wide NF2 self-help group.

If you are also interested in supporting Bundesverband Neurofibromatose, feel free to inquire with us and we will make direct contact for you!

+49 2638 921 780