Craft Fair 1993

POS Service Group makes history


POS Service Group founds POS PLUS GmbH. The POS PLUS service offers end customers 5 years of protection and security for their upholstered furniture when buying furniture. The nationwide network of service technicians grows to more than 500 permanent employees.


Despite the Corona pandemic, the POS Service Group is also on site with its service when retailers or manufacturers are closed. POS now handles a total of 400,000 service orders per year and can welcome its 6 millionth satisfied customer in 2020. POS Polsterservice GmbH now processes 10,000 service orders from private customers annually.


Not only are POS's business areas developing successfully, but the workforce is also growing steadily. POS now employs more than 750 people in the office and in the field. And the trend is still upwards! The POS service concept "Service Plus Plan" for sitting furniture expands from the Benelux countries to France and is successfully implemented there.


3D Measuring enjoys great popularity. For the first time in company history the measurement orders are outperforming the Polsterservice orders. Christoph Horbach laves the company. Hans-Josef Bohr and Alexander Bolz complete the management team/ executive board/ etc. (kommt auch hier drauf an was ihr auf der website in englisch schon stehen habt für Geschäftsführung) alongside with Gabriella Schnell-Horbach.


POS celebrates its' 30th anniversary. Just in time with 3 centuries of on-site services, POS treats its’ 5 millionth order. Together with the continuous growth of the company, POS expands the headquarter in Solscheid by locating a new building for the administration department.


In May 2016, the fourth foreign company is founded: POS Service Group BeNeLux B.V. From now on, all upholstery and home services are also offered abroad and are centrally managed by a separate office in Leeuwarden. POS Service Group anticipates a volume in excess of 340,000 service orders for the current business years.


POS Service Group is formed as an umbrella brand. In addition to POS Polsterservice GmbH, the professional service for the repair and cleaning of upholstered and wooden furniture, POS Homeservice GmbH assumes responsibility from now on for measuring and installation services, while Schadenservice bundles all insurance services. The mark of 300,000 service orders per year is exceeded for the first time.


Christoph Horbach, the son of the company's founder, enters the management of the family business, becoming the 3rd managing partner alongside Peter Horbach and Gabriella Schnell-Horbach. POS employs more than 500 employees for the first time.


For the first time, over 50,000 kitchens are measured in a single year by the kitchen measuring service. Measuring services and other services are expanded to include the Bath segment. HOS Holzservice GmbH is rebranded as "HOS Homeservice GmbH".


POS celebrates its 25th anniversary. The insurance division of POS is henceforth managed as a separate segment under the name "POS Claims Management, Appraisal, and Repair".


POS is now available in 3D: 3D laser measurement is now applied in the area of kitchen measuring. A revolutionary new service comes into being. A total of 1,100 measurements are initially made in 2010.


All wood surface damage cases are now handled at the customer site by a subsidiary specially founded for this purpose: "HOS Holzservice".


Gabriella Schnell-Horbach joins the management of the family company as the second general manager.


For the first time, POS successfully exceeds the limit of 200,000 on-site service orders. POS now employs more than 250 employees.


POS expands target group markets: the automotive industry and the hotel and catering sector. Moreover, it performs service orders in Italy, Denmark, and France.


With over 10,000 contracts per year, POS establishes itself as a firm partner of insurance companies in the area of appraisals and repairs. As if that were not enough: Hungary is developed as an additional processing country with its own office in Szajk.


POS turns 10 years old. Just in time for its anniversary, POS founds its second subsidiary in Austria on January 3.


POS breaks its first magical records: The company now handles over 100,000 complaints per year. In addition, the company exceeds the 100-employee mark for the first time.


POS ventures its first step abroad. On May 25, POS founds its first subsidiary in Switzerland.


POS expands its service portfolio to include expert appraisals and is now also active throughout Germany on behalf of insurance companies for on-site appraisals for insurance claims.


POSS Polstermöbel Spezial Service GmbH becomes "POS Polstermöbel Spezial Service GmbH". Thanks to the high demand on the part of the furniture industry, the company's operations are extended Germany-wide.


Peter Horbach founds "POSS Polstermöbel Spezial Service GmbH". His goal: To offer repair services to end customers in case of warranty claims as an external service provider for the furniture industry.

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