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We sleep a third of our lives – at that usually in bed. This is also something we share with millions of minuscule fellow bed occupants: house dust mites, viruses, and bacteria. If you are allergic, the results are skin and eye irritation, sneezing spells, or eczemas. And everyone else suffers from the unpleasant feeling that there are mites in the bed.

Moreover, a mattress also has to absorb a lot of moisture. While we sleep, we evaporate about a half a liter of moisture per night. That means a combined volume of approximately 1,800 liters of sweat in ten years. Add to that a pound of dander per year and additional soiling, e.g. from blood.

To ensure you can sleep hygienically and without unwanted guests, we recommend a professional mattress cleaning every six months.

Our qualified service technicians will visit your home to remove mites, bacteria, and germs, inhibit their multiplication conditions, and ensure a clean house by cleaning your mattress.

With a professional mattress cleaning, first the dirt is released by vibration and then vacuumed. Then mites and bacteria are killed with a chemical-free, skin-friendly cleaning agent.

Within an hour, your mattress is hygienically as good as new and you can sleep soundly and with piece of mind again.

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Apart from regular professional cleaning, you should brush off your mattress and wash the protective covers every few weeks to keep it hygienically clean.

In addition, mattresses should be aired every day. To do this, remove the bedspreads and blankets from the mattress and ventilate the bedroom. This allows the moisture to evaporate. 

In order to prevent depressions, the mattress should also be rotated longitudinally and transversely on a regular basis (longitudinally only if the mattress can be used on both sides).

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