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The Germans are a nation of car enthusiasts. Do you wash your car every Saturday too? And what about your car upholstery? They are subject to particularly high stresses: both mechanically due to friction and hygienically due to physical contact. 

And then there are the little mishaps: Eating behind the wheel is the frequent culprit for ketchup and grease stains on the car seat, spilled latte for long-lasting olfactory memories, and fast driving for uncontrolled spitting on the part of children. The results are unsightly stains, soiling, and stubborn odors.

Don't put up with dirt, stains, and unpleasant odors. Let your car seats be cleaned professionally. The specialists at POS don't only take care of the seat upholstery. If the interior of your car has scratches and damage, they'll take charge of that too.

Contact us to easily and quickly arrange your desired date. Use our callback function and we will call you back promptly. Our cleaning experts will come to your home and give you back the new car feeling with a professional car seat cleaning and interior care.

We take care of all types of seat upholstery and seat covers, whether leather, textiles or plastic parts.

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Car upholstery cleaning with professional techniques

Typically, a suitable cleaning agent is applied by hand depending on the seat cover – leather, Alcantara or flat woven fabric. The cleaning agent is then foamed with a brush or a cloth and washed off with clean water. Then the seats must be allowed to dry completely. The car seats including the back seat are fresh and clean after only about two hours of car seat cleaning.

A professional cleaning is not only recommendable before a planned car purchase, but also on a regular basis for visually and hygienically clean car seats and interiors.

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