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Their peak season is between October and March: gangs and individual perpetrators specializing in burglary. In the winter months, the daylight starts to fade at 4:00 pm, and more than a few homeowners receive a nasty surprise when they return home. The results are broken windows, broken doors, pried open windows, and rummaged drawers. A house or apartment in Germany is broken into every four minutes, and for years now, the number of burglaries has maintained a high level. Many burglaries could be prevented by the police thanks to correct behavior and the right security technology. The increased number of failed burglary attempts is proof of this. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) promotes construction measures for protecting existing residential buildings against burglaries.

The burglary experts at POS will check your house for weak points and are happy to advise you.

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The specialists at POS are quickly on site after a burglary

After a burglary, the most important thing for the victims is that security be restored quickly. POS Service Group has employed service technicians throughout Germany, including burglary specialists. In your area, too. We are quickly on site, are a partner of insurance companies, and will help you eliminate the signs of the break-in and, if you wish, upgrade your home security.

Don't let it happen in the first place! Find out how our security specialists can perform a free security check on your home.

70 percent of all burglary damages can be repaired

In most cases, a costly replacement of windows and doors isn't necessary at all. For in 70 percent of all cases, the doors and windows can be repaired. Most of the damage caused by break-ins, such as pry marks, dents, and chipped spots, can be repaired directly and conveniently at your home. We work with recognized repair methods and techniques:

We are the specialists for

Windows, skylights, French windows, front doors, apartment entrance doors

All materials

Wood, plastic, aluminum

All types of damage

Pry marks, dents, scratches, fractures, damage from scorching or burning, defective fittings, defective locks and strike plates. Affected damaged elements are thermoplastically restored in shape, partially finished, filled with special tools, ground, painted, varnished or re-foiled, and cleaned, to name a few procedures.

Additional safeguards

We make your home safe and retrofit your windows, skylights, French windows, front doors or apartment entrance doors with burglary-resistant security technology:
anti-unscrewing devices, interior security fittings with mushroom head locks, lockable window handles, and much more.

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POS also helps with storm damage, hail damage, damage to rented property, and vandalism. Take advantage of our speedy, uncomplicated, and affordable claims settlement

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Growth of domestic burglaries in Germany from 2011 to 2016

Growth of domestic burglaries in Germany from 2011 to 2016

Domestic burglaries in Germany have increased considerably and, according to police crime statistics, remained at a very high level last year with a total of 151,265 domestic burglaries/incidences of theft. However, many measures on the part of apartment owners and homeowners are making an impact, as is evident in the reduction by roughly 9 percent over 2015.

What can you do yourself to make things difficult for burglars?

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This also applies to windows and doors. An additional locking rod permanently anchored to the masonry prevents pried open doors from being opened. For this purpose, however, the door frame must be sturdy and integrated well into the masonry. There are special strike plates and hinge locks to secure the door frame. Make sure the door leafs are strong. They should be at least 40 millimeters thick and preferably made of wood. 

Always lock the doors 2x when you leave home. Do not leave the windows lilted open when you are not at home. Make sure that climbing aids like garbage cans, garden furniture, ladders or structures for climbing plants are not freely accessible in dangerous areas that allow access, for example, to the balcony or carport roof. 

Burglars are nocturnal creatures. For this reason, make sure that front doors and basement and rear entrances are illuminated in the evening and at night.

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