Incorrect measurements often lead to complaints POS uses 3D laser technology to measure kitchens with millimeter accuracy

In kitchen planning, a dream kitchen and a badly planned kitchen are often only centimeters apart. If the room conditions are not captured correctly, the consequences and costs can be enormous. For this data is used as the basis for the blueprint and design planning, consulting, sampling, and the quotation, not to mention purchase orders and execution. Rooms with sloped roofs, level differences and irregular angles, such as often found in old buildings, are particularly difficult to measure. 

The POS 3D laser measurement system for kitchen planners is there to ensure worktops fit with millimeter accuracy and base cabinets fit in their designated spaces. 

We use 3D technology to provide exact measurement data from the beginning.  We are fast, efficient, and thanks to interfaces, we can directly transfer the measurement data to the standard kitchen planning software programs used by your kitchen planner. Our service also includes a detailed visit report including photographic documentation. 

Don't leave the measurement of your dream kitchen to chance: Rely on POS 3D laser measurement. Our technicians are en route throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries – and certainly in your area, too.

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