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Floor area calculation

Misunderstandings and incorrect calculations occur frequently in floor area calculation. Apartments with sloped roofs, balconies, patios or stairs inside the apartment are especially frequent victims of inaccurate and incorrect square meterage specifications, experts say. Often, rental contracts cite a square meterage of 100 square meters, when in actuality the apartment only covers an area of 92 square meters. Too much rent is paid month after month, and utility invoices are wrong.

This doesn't only affect tenants, by the way, but also house purchases and condominiums. An inexact calculation of the square meterage can mean paying too much money!

The measurement pros from POS have the remedy

Using 3D laser technology, we can clearly determine the actual square meterage of apartments and houses. We document and provide a report about the actual calculable floor area that can be specified in rental or purchase contracts.

Whether windows, doors, wall projections, or other obstacles: Our specially trained service technicians take charge of the complete on-site measurement and ensure the technically faultless execution of all measurement work in all rooms.

Not every deviation in size is a flaw

The rent can be lowered starting from a deviation of five to ten percent. It may be of crucial importance in this case whether the apartment is actually 63 or just 57 square meters. If this is proven, the tenant can lower the rent and reclaim the money paid in excess, and that over a period of multiple years. A size deviation can even be a reason for an extraordinary termination of a rental contract.

What is important is whether a square meterage of 60, for example, is specified or whether a rental price of € X per square foot is specified in the contract.

The procedure

How to calculate floor area correctly

The experts at POS work with 3D laser technology. This yields measurement data with millimeter accuracy. In order to use this data to create an exact calculation of the floor area, the requirements of the German living space ordinance must be considered:

A balcony or patio area counts as 25% floor area.
If the height of a sloped roof is two meters, it is considered floor area. If less, the area only counts as 50% floor area.
Storage rooms outside the apartment may not be included in the calculation.
Projections such as chimneys do not belong to the floor area Projections that are less than 1.50 m high do belong to the floor area, however, because they can be used.

In apartments with irregularly shaped rooms, it is always worthwhile to hire an expert for the calculation.

How is the reduction calculated?

The amount reduced from the rental or purchase price results from the difference between the contractually agreed floor area (e.g. 95 sqm) and the actually calculated floor area (e.g. 84.6 sqm):

rental or purchase price results

Calculate the rental price per square meter from the monthly basic rent and the floor area specified in the rental contract.

Now calculate the amount to be reduced by multiplying the basic rent per square meter by the floor area difference:

basic rent per square meter

The monthly rent could now be reduced by this difference. And that retroactively. In this regard, you should take the valid periods of limitation into account and it is recommended to seek legal counsel.

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