3D measurement with millimeter accuracy – even for furnished and irregularly shaped rooms

Taking exact measurements is the basis of every construction project, renovation, as well as of every rental and purchase contract in real estate. However, when measuring with a plumb or a yardstick, errors happen. One of the most frequent reasons for complaints in kitchen planning, for example, are furniture elements or countertops that don't fit because they were either measured incorrectly or the dimensioning was not noted correctly into the work documents. Annoyance, a waste of time and money, and customer dissatisfaction are preprogrammed.

In contrast, POS 3D laser measuring measures rooms with millimeter accuracy. To make your dream home a reality.

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POS 3D laser measurements - The laser is never wrong!

The POS 3D laser measuring system puts an end to incorrectly measured rooms; whether kitchen or bathroom, sloping roof or old buildings with level differences, furnished or irregularly dimensioned rooms. The technicians from POS will visit your premises with state-of-the-art 3D laser technology to ensure that all measurements for kitchen planners or architects are made with millimeter accuracy, so that nothing stands in the way of your dream home. Contact us today for a quick appointment.

The interface of the laser system is patented and allows, for example, the measurement data to be transferred directly to standard kitchen planning software programs. Furthermore, various export interfaces, such as DWG, DXT, G05, and many more, support other CAD applications (computer-aided design). Incorrect manual measurements are thereby part of the past.

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